Real Estate Reviews You Can Trust From Ali Safavi

Ali Safavi Real Estate is built upon relationships. We specialize in matching motivated buyers with off-market property.

In a city like Los Angeles, it can feel overwhelming to find the right realtor. Many specialize in certain geographic areas. Others, narrow their focus on pricing levels. With so many options, how do you find the right fit for you?

Ali Safavi Real Estate

That’s why I created Ali Safavi Real Estate Reviews. This website is meant to serve as a yellow pages for trusted realtors, lawyers and investors in the Los Angeles area. Ali Safavi Real Estate has spent over a decade forming relationships across the city. We’ve worked with many of these professionals personally, or know someone who has. There is nothing worse, as an investor, than feeling in the dark about a deal. The more confident you are, the quicker you can act.

Are you dealing with someone not on our list?

Feel free to contact Ali Safavi Real Estate anytime with questions or concerns about your current situation. We’ll will be happy to provide point you in the right direction. While many of our contacts are in California, we have a network that spans the entire United States.

For more information on current off-market property, visit www.alisafavenews.com. You can also visit my Bigger Pockets Blog for investment advice. Contact us here for any questions to request a review.

Real Estate Investing

First and foremost I am a real estate investor. So you may be thinking, “Why listen to Ali Safavi?” Here’s a short video of me explaining the principals behind a double-close real estate deal. Hopefully this provides a small indication of who I am and the kind of knowledge I bring to the table.